As I’m sure you’re aware, the time it takes for you website’s page to load has become an ever more important ranking factor for Google. In fact, Google has even broken out the scores for this on the mobile versions of our webpages too. Here’s how I quickly fixed the Page Speed score for this website in less than 30 minutes, setting my site up for improved rankings:

  1. Run the PageSpeed Analyzer.
  2. Install W3 Total Cache plug in.
  3. In the W3 Total Cache plug in, enable Page Cache and Minify on the General Settings page in admin.
  4. Run the Analyzer again. When you get your score, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link to “Download optimized image, JavaScript, and CSS resources for this page.”
  5. Unzip these assets and upload them to your site in the exact location as the originals, replacing the files on your server.

Here’s the updated score for GroovySoup:

Good Score for PageSpeed Insights

Perfect? Nope. But a huge improvement in very little time.

If you’re interested in this service being performed on your site, get in touch! I’m happy to perform this service on your home page for $50 – the same day you send your request. 

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