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If you use Safari on Mac OSX Snow Leopard, this will help you add Blekko to your list of default search engines. What is Blekko? A new search engine that recently got some attention from TechCrunch and others for the quality of it’s search queries and its lack of superfluous garbage (typical Google) results. I’ll let you check out the reviews on your own before you make the decision but here’s the gist of it if you choose to add Blekko to Safari:

Step 1: Install Glims. Glims is an add-on for Safari that allows you to do all sorts of custom and Firefox-like things to your browser window while still using Safari. I use the favicon thing so I can quickly see what sites are loaded in each open tab.

Step 2: Once Glims is installed, in Safari go the Preferences screen and click on the far right tab named “Glims”.

Step 3: Click on the menu item named “Search Engines List” in the right column. This will change your right column to show a list of current search engines available to you in the search box in Safari. See below.

Glims - Blekko Search added to Safari

Step 4: Click the “Add” button to add a search engine. This will load another pop-up window and here’s the content you’ll add: For name, add Blekko; For Type, leave as Search Engine; For Query URL, use and the default short-code #query# that’s already present in the text box. Click “Add” and it will now be included in your list in the top right corner of your browser window (with its nifty favicon and everything). You can also drag the new listing to the top of the list so it’s easier to find.

Blekko search engine added with search query

This post is based on Douglas Karr’s post here about changing search engines in Safari.

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