Android Target Practice

Android Target PracticeAccording to Engadget, AT&T will launch 12 new Android devices this year. Assuming half of those are phones and there are about 30 other Android phones out there, doesn’t that make it easier for Apple to market the iPhone? Is there really someone out there waiting for that ultra-specific Android feature set that no one else has created yet? Lastly, is there an original pixel, menu, screen, or design for any Android product yet or are they all blatant ripoffs of something Apple did?

My opinion: The iPhone, being a classic, original Apple product, wins by default with anyone who has an ounce of creativity. Buying an Android is like buying fake Moleskines. What’s the point?

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  1. The point of buying an Android is simple: More options, better google integration.

    More options in power, size, vendors, etc. I guess you’re happy with your lock in at AT&T. Not me. Guess you like throwing dough at cell phone makers – not me.

    Thank you Apple for creating a great phone. Thank you Industry for knocking it off so the masses can afford smart phones.

    Got the wife her first smart phone. I asked her what she wanted her phone to do: Gmail and Google Calendar.

    Sorry, but the iPhone doesn’t do this as well as Android and for obvious reasons.

    Just sayin.

    1. I understand your point about cost – we all want more toys and we all want them cheaper – but I don’t think that justifies the blatant rip off of someone else’s ideas. That was the point of my post and it’s something Google’s been guilty of for a while. They have ZERO original ideas other than bad ones or those too creepy for anyone else to do: Search? Lots of people were there first; Phones? Apple’s OS, touch, etc.; Places? Maps? TV? Payment processing? App stores? Check out the layout of that mess. It’s another straight ripoff of something Apple did.

      Google should be embarrassed about this lack of originality but instead they talk like they’re starting a revolution and freeing the masses from the tyranny of Apple. Open OS, my ass. If it’s on any of the big cell carriers, they’re adding their crap to it like trial ware on a Dell laptop. How long until there are AOL signups on the home screen of your cellphone. I bet not long for Android users.

      Now as far as Gmail and Google Calendar, both can sync with the integrated apps on iPhone and I’ve never felt like I was being cheated of a feature there other than maybe marking an email as spam through the mail client.

      The network issue? No argument whatsoever. AT&T has been a joke from the start and they continue to stink, but that argument won’t hold when Verizon picks up the iPhone in a few weeks. I’ve suffered through their terrible service purely for the no-hassle experience that an all-Apple setup gives me. Things just sync without jumping through hoops or downloading something to convert this or that. It all just works – as long as I have a signal :)

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