In case you’re an iOS developer and you’re having issues getting either your iPhone 4 to upgrade to iOS 4.2 or your Mac Mail no longer works, here’s the order in which you need to install the latest round of Developer updates from Apple:

  1. Download and install the Xcode and iOS SDK 4.2 beta. There are changes to the firmware that are read from this new version by iTunes 10.
  2. Download and install Mac OS X Snow Leopard v10.6.5 Delta Update (10H542). If you’re running Snow Leopard already DO NOT run the reversioner. This will kill your Mail program. The reversioner is only for those not already on Snow Leopard (according to the dev forums).
  3. Download iOS 4.2 beta for your specific device and install as normal through iTunes 10.

If these are done out of order you have an exciting day (or two) ahead of you restoring your iPhone or reinstalling the Snow Leopard Delta to get back to a version number that plays nice with all of the betas. I learned this the hard way :)

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