iPhone Screen shots from WhatTheVote iPhone App by GroovySoup

WhatTheVote iPhone App by GroovySoup

I went to the iPhone Voices That Matter conference recently in Philadelphia (highly recommended) and came away with the drive to finally push through an iPhone app. I have a more ambitious idea or two in the works but I needed something timely and time-constrained to force my focus and get something knocked out. The result is WhatTheVote.

At 99 cents, WhatTheVote is not loaded with numerous features or location-based services. It does only one thing (for now) and does it quickly and simply: it lists all elected Congressmen, Congresswomen, and Senators and when you touch on their names, it displays their party and how they voted on the Health Care Reform bill. Why this particular issue? It was stated on Mashable and a few other mainstream news sites that this would be the primary issue voters were concerned with this year when going to the polls. That is what it is, without opinion.

So, if you’re going to vote – as is your duty as an American citizen – and this is an important issue for you, download my app and take it with you to refer to while you wait in line. Once it’s installed, you don’t need an internet or cell connection to use it. All the data is stored within the app itself. Later versions of WhatTheVote will include the ability to email or phone your Representative’s office as well as making it easier to sort through the names.

Oh! The business side of things: If you’re looking to have your very own iPhone app built, drop us a line (email or phone) and let us know what you’re thinking. We can probably help or at least point you in the direction you need for your particular project.

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