I’ve been working on all things web-related since 1999. I began by teaching myself how to edit webpages by looking at the underlying source code and changing values to see what happened. That led me to a position with Ascendant Media in Nashville, Tennessee, where I learned to use Adobe Photoshop and code HTML pages by hand.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients since that time, from Lockheed Martin and The Nature Conservancy to gubernatorial candidates for the state of Tennessee to a sitting United States Congressman. I currently maintain the websites for Nortek Security & Control in Carlsbad, California and run the technical side of things for a pet-sitting business in Houston, Texas.

My skillset includes SEO, programming, design, email marketing and small business consulting. If you run any part of your business on the internet, I can help you get started or get you back on the right track. Need goals set up in Google analytics? I can manage that and show you how to read the reports as well. Website loads too slow? Give me a few hours and I can bump that site speed up to what you were hoping for.

Send me an email or try out the free demo week of our entry-level package. I can get things working for you and your business.