Over the last few months, I’ve been installing SSL certificates on a number of WordPress sites. Without fail, there’s always a random page or image that’s using an old insecure link to display content. This will show as an insecure page on Google Chrome unless you fix it. Here’s a shortcut that works for me:

Try installing the Real-Time Find and Replace plugin.  This plugin replaces the text – in this case replacing http://yoursite.com with https://yoursite.com. You can use this for stuff like Google font code or even just the images within your site that are using absolute links, for whatever reason.

The plugin has a 4.5 rating and 40k plus installs, so you’re in pretty good hands here. Works with multisite as well.

I don’t want to get sued for copyright infringement or something but I do want to list my version of BP coffee here. I use cheaper ingredients because I’ve found they give me enough of the effects that I’m looking for at a fraction of the price. Here’s the real deal recipe if you’re looking for it: Bulletproof Coffee

And here’s what I order from Amazon to get close enough:

Put the butter and oil in the cup, brew the coffee on top of it, blend until creamy, drink it up. No jitters, energy all day and kills early morning hunger fast 🙂

Note: You can’t mix it with a spoon. It won’t blend well enough and there will be a pool of melted butter and oil on top – not good.

The number of web sites being launched per day is exploding, so says the evidence.

Furthermore, programming could be a run around and chaotic without form like so:

Spiderman Spideman is not what you want!

Peradventure, I have realized that many times when designing a page, while coding, I would do 360s and get no where because I was hypercritical.

I came to realize that once I have defeated the task in my head via viewing it in the simplest form and stop overloading my C.P.U( my brain ) with doubt, I noticed that the answers were before me and that which I was trying to accomplish was not as challenging as I was making It.

Thus my programming is now more like so:

spiderweb Spideweb is what you want