The Process

When we build your brand new site for you we start in the place that’s most important: you and your users. We’re not here to build our portfolios, we’re here to give you the ideal solution to your website needs. We even have a process to make sure we get it right. Here it is:

  • We ask you what problem you’re trying to solve
  • We ask you what styles you like or sites you dream of (okay weird but whatever)
  • We design you a great mockup and work closely with you to refine it to be the exact site you need
  • Only when you’re ecstatic about your site’s design do we attempt to code it.
  • We add all of the little features and bits that will make your site a home sweet home(page)
  • We launch it for you and give you a sparkly new HTML email template so you can mail all your friends and tell them “IT’S LIVE!”
  • We answer the phone and promptly reply to emails – even after you pay us! What a novel idea!
  • We will continue to provide you with support/hosting/email/domain renewals/any tech thing you can think of for as long as you need us to – hopefully forever 🙂

The Technology

For those of you that are curious, we use CSS, XHTML, PHP and MySQL for just about all of our web programming and designing. For those of you that don’t care much for abbreviations and acronyms we use open source tools with a broad support base and here’s the reason: If we use the most common tools the likelihood of us finding a problem that is unique to our situation is much less than if we were using the most cutting edge of tools. Don’t get us wrong – we want to build you cool stuff. We just don’t believe you have to use the newest tools to do so.

We also happen to be big fans of a little blogging platform named WordPress. We’re using it to power this whole site because it’s easy to use, super simple to update (even from your phone), and millions of people are using it. Again, the more users you have the easier it is to find quick solutions. Time is money after all.

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