Competition for visitors to your website has never been tougher and with more and more firms entering the market and optimizing their sites, the only way to compete and maintain the amount of visitors you have now is to optimize. Search engine optimization is the natural way to get more traffic to your website without paying for ads or links on another website. GroovySoup offers this service to our clients currently and we’ve enjoyed a good deal of success in ranking well for the keywords we’ve targeted (please contact us for a list of current and past SEO clients or view a partial list on our website).

We only offer white hat search engine optimization services, meaning we only perform edits to your website that are permissible to Google and Bing. While there are some shady services available out there, more often than not when the search providers find out you’re cheating, they’ll delist your site. We do things by the rules to get you great results that last. And that brings us to the point of this newsletter: Starting immediately, GroovySoup will offer SEO services on a pay for performance basis.

As we all know, there is no real way for anyone to guarantee search engine placement other than buying links, paying for expensive ads or using black hat methods and that’s why we’ve decided to offer our clients some sense of security in knowing that their web dollars are being used effectively. Here’s how it works: For each local keyword that is optimized or targeted, you will be charged $3 per keyword, per search engine (Google, Bing, and Yahoo). So if you want to target 5 local keywords for all 3 search engines, it would cost you $45 per month. That’s the base starting cost before results. Your cost only goes up if your local keywords rank in the top 20 (first two pages on Google, depending on your preference settings) with tiered result bonuses for top 10, top 5 and number one.

Here’s an example. Your firm would like to optimize their website for 5 local keywords. We target those keywords, optimize the site and after two weeks send you your first report. If none of your keywords rank in the top 20, your cost is $45 per month. If one of your keywords ranks in the top 20, you will be billed an additional $2 for that keyword per search engine, bringing your total to $51. The charges per keyword/performance are Top 20 = $2 per keyword, Top 10 = $5 per keyword, Top 5 = $8 per keyword and Number 1 = $15 per keyword. See the chart below for some example costs and please feel free to email or call so we can answer any questions you might have.

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