WordPress Time Saver: Post Snippets

Do you find yourself typing in the same small bits of code or a simple signature for many of your WordPress blog posts? I’ve been using this great plugin for over 5¬†years now and thought I’d share it now that it’s been updated to work seamlessly with WordPress 3.1. It’s called Post Snippets and it works like this: You create a new snippet by clicking “Add New Snippet” and creating a title for your snippet and pasting the content of that snippet in the appropriate text box.

Post Snippet WordPress plugin

Then, once you enter the Edit or Add Post (or Page) page, you have a new yellow post-it note looking button in your WYSIWYG toolbar.

Post Snippet Button

Even if you don’t use WYSIWYG, you have the option to use Post Snippets since there’s a button for it in the HTML screen toolbar as well.

HTML Post Snippet Button

What is a WordPress Shortcode or Post Snippet?

So what does this plugin really do? In essence, its creates easily customizable shortcodes that you can then use throughout your site. You just paste in the text created when you click the Post Snippet button and choose the appropriate snippet. In the above example, anywhere within WordPress that I paste [Without Baluster Calculator] will automatically be replaced with the code I’ve saved under that snippet.

Post Snippets is free and you can download it through your WordPress admin by searching for the term “Post Snippets” or download it straight from the WordPress site.

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